Virus Scan

Dr.Web for Kerio Connect detects infected email attachments.

Dr.Web for Kerio Connect scans the email traffic for the following types of malicious objects and malware:

infected archives;

bomb viruses in files or archives;






Dr.Web for Kerio Connect uses various threat detection methods during the scanning.

By configuring the anti-virus application via the admin console of the Kerio Connect email server you can determine the types of the detected malicious objects and actions applied to them.

When a malicious object is detected, you can

discard message delivery,

remove infected attachments and allow message delivery,

forward an original message or a message where infected attachments have been removed to the server administrator,

forward a message back to the sender or send a warning to the sender about infected objects in the message.

If Dr.Web for Kerio Connect cannot scan the attachment, for example, if the file is password protected or corrupted, you can

apply actions for infected files and discard the file delivery,

allow message and the attachment delivery informing about possible viruses.

For detailed information on configuring email traffic and actions that the email server applies to detected malicious objects, see the administrator manual of Kerio Connect email server.