Appendix A. Updater Command Line Parameters

The Updater can operate in command line mode. You can use parameters to configure the update process.

To configure update task

1.On the Control Panel, double-click Scheduled Tasks.
2.Right-click Dr.Web Update for Kerio WinRoute Plugin task and select Properties.
3.In the Run field add command line parameters.

Available Parameters

Below is the list of command line parameters which can be used to configure the updating process:




Sets detailed logging in the %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Doctor Web\Logs\drwebupw.log file.


Specifies location of the updates server.

Only UNC-paths are accepted.


Specifies the user name to use when connecting to the updates server.


Specifies the password to use when connecting to the updates server.


Configures connection via proxy. You can set one of the following values:

direct – direct connection without proxy
ieproxy – connection via proxy, system settings are used
userproxy – connection via proxy, user-defined settings are used


Specifies location of the proxy server.


Specifies the user name to use when connecting to the proxy server.


Specifies the password to use when connecting to the proxy server.


Sets the Update All mode when Updater downloads all files specified in the updating list regardless of the operating system used and the product components installed. This mode allows you to download all updates from the Doctor Web global update server.

This mode cannot be used to update the anti-virus installed on a computer.


Sets the Updater to run in stealth (invisible) mode.


Specifies the language resources file name. The default language is English.


Sets the package operation mode when Updater does not display dialogs.


Sets compulsory closure of Updater after finishing an update regardless of its results.

Update result is returned in the ERRORLEVEL environment variable.

If update completes successfully, the ERRORLEVEL environment variable is set to 0. Other values indicate an error.


Specifies the folder where to store the update files. The default is the directory where Updater runs.


Sets the Restart mode. In this mode the computer is restarted when update finishes. You can set one of the following values:

prompt – prompt for reboot if needed
noprompt – reboot without prompting if needed
force – always reboot
disable – disable reboot


Launches Updater to register the product or request a license key file.


Sets the Usual mode. Use this parameter together with /REG to update the product after completing registration.


Sets update of virus databases and the core (drweb32.dll ) only.

This option disables /UA parameter.

/RP<file> or /RP+<file>

Specifies the log file. The default is %AllUsersProfile%\ Application Data\Doctor Web\Logs\drwebupw.log.

Use /RP+ to append new records to the file.

Use /RP to overwrite the file.


Specifies an alternative configuration file to use.


Sets Updater to ignore parameters specified in the configuration file (drweb32.ini ).


Sets Updater to work without logging.


Enables sound notifications on errors.