Check Functionality

To make sure the plug-in operates properly, it is recommended to check the program's virus detection capabilities and functionality of the Updater.

To check plug-in operation

1.Open the page using the Internet browser to download the test virus EICAR-Test-File. For information on EICAR test virus see The mentioned page must not open, and the information on the attempt to download the infected file must be fixed in the alert log of Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Control.
2.Send an e-mail with EICAR-Test-File in attachment via server protected by Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Control. Check the received e-mail. The infected object must be deleted. The message subject may contain the prefix informing about the detected malicious object.

To check Updater

1.On the Control Panel, double-click Scheduled Tasks and ensure that the Dr.Web Update for Kerio WinRoute Plugin task task is created.
2.Check that last update succeeded. The plug-in updates virus databases after installation completes. If update completes successfully, the ERRORLEVEL environment variable is set to 0. Other values indicate an error.
3.In the %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Doctor Web\Logs\ folder, view the drwebupw.log  update log and ensure that it contains no errors.