Acquire License Key File

You can receive a license key file in one of the following ways:

By e-mail in an archived attachment
With the plug-in distribution kit
On separate media

To acquire a license key file by e-mail

1.Launch an Internet browser and go to the site which is specified on the product registration card supplied with your copy of the product.
2.Fill in the registration form.
3.Enter the serial number which is typed on the registration card.
4.The license key file is archived and sent to the e-mail address you specified in the registration form.
5.Extract the license key file and copy it to the computer where Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Control resides and where Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute is planned to be or is already installed.

For demonstrative purposes you may be provided with a trial license key file. Trial license allows you to access the full functionality of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute for a short-term period. No support is provided during trial period. On the expiration of the trial license, you will need to purchase a full license to continue working with the product.

To receive a trial license key file by e-mail, fill in the registration form at

For more information on licensing and types of license key files, visit the Doctor Web official web site at