Install Plug-in

Before beginning installation, review the system requirements.



To install Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute you must have the Administrator privileges.


To install Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute

1.Stop the Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Control service.
2.Copy the following files to the computer where Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Connect resides:
Installation file
License key file
2.Run the installation file depending on the type of the operating system that is used on the computer:
drweb-KerioWinRoute-600-windows-nt-x86.exe in case the 32-bit operating system is used
drweb-KerioWinRoute-600-windows-nt-x64.exe if the operating system is 64-bit
3.The window with a suggestion to choose the language of installation will appear. You can choose English or Russian language of installation. Click OK.
4.InstallShield Wizard for Kerio WinRoute will open. Click Next.
5.On the License Agreement page read the Dr.Web License Agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
6.Select the licensing type. You can use either the key file from Dr.Web Control Center or a local key file. Click Next.
7.If you have selected to use the local key file on the previous step, enter the path to the license key file or click Browse to select the file on the License Key page. Click Next.
8.On the Kerio WinRoute Path page specify the path to the Kerio WinRoute installation folder. Click Next.
9.On the Destination Folder page enter the path to the folder where the plug-in will be installed. By default, it is  the   folder %ProgramFiles%\DrWeb for Kerio WinRoute. If you want to choose another folder click Change and specify the path to it. Click Next.
10.On the Ready to Install the Program page click Install to start installation of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute on your computer.
11.After the installation of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute is completed you can launch the virus databases update by selecting the checkbox Run update. Then click Finish to exit the wizard.

This completes the plug-in installation. You need to configure Kerio WinRoute Firewall/Kerio Control to use the plug-in.