Appendix A. Licensing

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The license is required for the operation of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus solution.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite license compound and price depend on the number of protected stations including the servers within Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite network in a position of protected stations.

Before purchasing a license for a Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite solution you should carefully consider this information and discuss all the details with your local distributor.  The number of Dr.Web Servers running the network does not affect the license price.

License Key File

Rights to use Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite are regulated by license key files.

A license key file is write-protected by the mechanism of electronic signature. Editing a file makes it invalid. To avoid occasionally corrupting of a license key file, you must not modify and/or save it after opening in a text editor.

License key files come in a zip-archive, which contains one or several key files for protected stations.

The user can receive the key files by one of the following ways:

A license key file is included into Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus distribution kit at a purchasing, if license files were included at kitting. However, generally only serial numbers are provided.

A license key file is sent to users by email after the product serial number has been registered at Doctor web company web site at unless other address specified in the registration card attached to the product. Visit the web site above, fill the form with the buyer information and in the corresponding field, type the registration serial number (it is written on the registration card). An archive with key files will be sent to the designated email address. Also, you will be allowed to download the key files directly from the web site.

A license key file can be provided on a separate carrier.

It is recommended to keep a license key file until its expiration and use it during the reinstallation and restoring the program components. In case a license key file is lost, you can repeat the registration on the web site specified above and restore the license key file. Note that you will need to enter the same registration serial number and the same buyer information as during the first registration, you can change the email address only. In this case, a license key file will be sent to the new address.

To familiarize yourself with the anti-virus, you can use demo key files. Such key files provide the full functionality of the main anti-virus components but have a limited term of use. Demo key files are sent upon request made through the web form at Your request will be examined individually. In case of approval, an archive with license key files will be sent to the designated email address.

Detailed information on principles and features of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite licensing is given in the Administration Manual, subchapters of Chapter 2: Licensing.

The use of key files during the installation is described in Installation Manual, p. Installing Dr.Web Server.

The use of key files for already deployed anti-virus network is described in Administration Manual, p. License Manager.