On this page you can specify settings which SpIDer Guard for SMB is used for checking compound files (containers) of the following types: archives, mail files (email messages, mailboxes), packed objects and other containers (i.e. compound files that are not classified as archives, mail files or packed objects).

For each of the types you can specify in the corresponding field the maximum nesting level. The objects that are nested into container deeper than the specified level are skipped during scanning the container by SpIDer Guard for SMB. For example, if you want scan the contents of the archives which are nested into archives, specify the maximum nesting level not less than 2. To disable scanning of nested objects, specify 0 as the maximum nesting level for the corresponding type of containers.

Note that increasing of maximum nesting level slows down the file system monitoring.

The Maximum compression ratio field allows you to specify maximum compression ratio (as a ratio of size of compressed file to its original) for compressed files. If compression ratio of a file is greater than the maximum allowed, the file is skipped during the check.