SpIDer Guard Settings


SpIDer Guard, the file system monitor, can operate in one of the following modes:

FANOTIFY—using the fanotify monitoring interface (not all GNU/Linux-based OSes support fanotify)

LKM—using the loadable Linux kernel module (compatible with any GNU/Linux-based OS with kernel 2.6.x and newer)

By default, the file system monitor automatically chooses the appropriate operation mode according to the environment. If SpIDer Guard cannot be started, build and install a loadable kernel module by using the supplied source codes.

The SpIDer Guard page consists of the following sections, containing the corresponding parameters of Dr.Web for UNIX File Servers operation:

General—general SpIDer Guard settings

Actions—actions on detection of threats by SpIDer Guard

Containers—settings of scanning of compound files (archives, email files, etc.)

Scanning paths—settings of exclusions of files and directories from monitoring

Additional—additional SpIDer Guard settings.