Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server Configuration

To view or edit the configuration of the anti-virus components on the workstation

1.Select the Anti-virus network item in the main menu of the Control Center.

2.In the hierarchical list of the opened window, click the name of a station under Windows OS or a group containing such stations.

3.In the Configuration section of the opened control menu, in the Plug-ins subsection, select Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server.

4.A window with the component settings will be opened.

Managing settings of anti-virus components via the Control Center differs from managing settings directly via the corresponding components on station:

to manage separate parameters, use the options located on the right from corresponding settings:

icon-setting-restore-initial Reset to initial value—restore the value that parameter had before editing (last saved value).

icon-setting-restore-default Reset to default value—set the default value for a parameter.

to manage a set of parameters, use the options located on the toolbar:

icon-settings-restore-initial Reset all parameters to initial values—restore the values that all parameters in this section had before current editing (last saved values).

icon-settings-restore-default Reset all parameters to default values—restore default values of all parameters in this section.

icon-settings-propagate Propagate these settings to another object—copy settings from this section to settings of other station, group or several groups and stations.

icon-settings-restore-default Set inheritance of settings from primary group—remove personal settings of a station and set inheritance of settings in this section from a primary group.

icon-settings-propagate Copy settings from primary group and set them as a personal—copy settings of this section from a primary group and set them for selected stations. Inheritance is not set and stations settings considered as a personal.

icon-config-export Export settings from this section to the file—save all settings from this section to a file of a special format.

icon-config-import Import settings to this section from the file—replace all settings in this section with settings from the file of a special format.

5.After settings changes were made via the Control Center, click Save to accept the changes. The settings will be passed to the stations. If the stations were offline when changes are made, the settings will be passed when stations connect to the Server.


Administrator may forbid editing settings on station for a user (see the Permissions of Station Users section in the Administrator Manual). At this, only administrator will be able to edit settings via the Control Center.