General Settings

On this page you can manage the following options of Dr.Web ICAPD on the protected Internet gateway:

Run the component at the start—set the checkbox to run the component on the protected Internet gateway.

Socket for client connections—determines a network socket (<IP address>:<port>) which should be used by ICAP clients (such as Squid) for connection to Dr.Web ICAPD.

User—determines under which user name the component should be run (the component takes rights and privileges of specified user).


If the user name is not specified, the component operation shuts down with an error after starting up.

Log level—defines the log verbosity level that is used for Dr.Web ICAPD messages logging.

Logging method—defines the logging method for Dr.Web ICAPD. The following values are allowed:

Auto—use the logging method which is defined in Dr.Web ConfigD settings for all components of the solution.

Syslog—use the syslog system service for Dr.Web ICAPD messages logging. If you specify this method, you must also specify the value of Syslog facility parameter. It defines the label (or subsystem) which is used by syslog to save messages from Dr.Web ICAPD.

Path—use the specified file to store Dr.Web ICAPD log messages. If you specify this method, you must also specify a path to the file in the Log file field.