General Settings

On this page you can manage the following parameters of Dr.Web Agent for UNIX on the protected station:

Collect information about stations — instructs Dr.Web Agent for UNIX to collect the statistics about stations.

Period of collecting information about stations — specifies the frequency of gathering information about stations.

Statistics sending period — defines the time period of sending general statistics from Dr.Web Agent for UNIX to the Server.

Mobile mode for updates — allows the station to receive updates from GUS if the server is not available. The following values allowed:

Autoinstructs to use mobile mode, if allowed by the administrator on Dr.Web Server, and perform updates both from GUS and from central protection server, depending on which connection is available and which connection quality is better.

Enableinstructs to use mobile mode if it is allowed by the administrator on Dr.Web Server (that is, perform updates from GUS using the updating component installed on the station).

Disableinstructs not to get updates from GUS if it is impossible to connect to Dr.Web Server.

Process the discovery requests—set the flag, to allow Dr.Web Agent for UNIX to receive discovery requests from Dr.Web Server (discovery requests are used by the server to check the structure and state of the anti-virus network).

Log level—defines the log verbosity level that is used for Dr.Web Agent for UNIX messages logging.

Logging method—defines the logging method for Dr.Web Agent for UNIX. The following values are allowed:

Auto—use the logging method which is defined in Dr.Web ConfigD settings for all components of the solution.

Syslog—use the syslog system service for Dr.Web Agent for UNIX messages logging. If you specify this method, you must also specify the value of Syslog facility parameter. It defines the label (or subsystem) which is used by syslog to save messages from Dr.Web Agent for UNIX.

Path—use the specified file to store Dr.Web Agent for UNIX log messages. If you select this method, you must also specify a path to the file in the Log file field.


Usually, for the parameters of this component the optimal values are specified. Thus, it is not recommended to change them, if it is not necessary.