About this Product

Dr.Web for Linux is an anti-virus solution designed to protect computers running under OS GNU/Linux family from viruses and threats of other types.

The core components of the program (anti-virus engine Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine and Dr.Web virus databases) are not only extremely effective and resource-sparing, but also cross-platform, which allows Dr.Web specialists to create reliable anti-virus solutions for different desktop and server operating systems (UNIX-family OSes, such as GNU/Linux and Mac OS X; Windows) and for mobile devices operating under iOS and Android operating systems.

Components of Dr.Web for Linux are constantly updated and virus databases are supplemented with new signatures to ensure up-to-date protection. Moreover, heuristic analysis methods and data received from the Dr.Web Cloud service, are used to provide additional protection against unknown viruses. The Dr.Web Cloud service collects the most recent information on threats in real-time and can prevent users from viewing unwanted websites and protect the operating system from infected files.