Working from Command Line

You can manage operation of Dr.Web for Linux from the command line with the help of a special command-line tool - drweb-ctl.

You can do the following actions from the command line:

Start scanning file system objects including boot records

Start updating virus databases

View and change parameters of Dr.Web for Linux configuration

View status of Dr.Web for Linux components and statistics on detected threats

View quarantine and manage quarantined objects

Connect to the central protection server or disconnect from it

User commands for Dr.Web for Linux management can have an effect only if Dr.Web for Linux service components are running (by default, they are automatically run on system startup).

Note that some control commands require superuser privileges.

To elevate privileges, use the su command (change the current user) or the sudo command (execute the specified command with other user privileges).

The drweb-ctl tool supports auto-completion of commands for managing Dr.Web for Linux operation if this option is enabled in the used command shell. If the command shell does not allow auto-completion, you can configure this option. For that purpose, refer to the instruction manual for the used OS distribution.