Document Conventions

The following conventions and symbols are used in this manual:




Names of buttons and other elements of the graphical user interface (GUI), and required user input that must be entered exactly as given in the guide.

Green and bold

Names of Dr.Web products and components.

Green and underlined

Hyperlinks to topics and webpages.


Code examples, input to the command line and application output.

Command-line commands, which are entered via a keyboard (in the terminal or terminal emulator), are marked with the command prompt character $ or # in the current manual. The character indicates the privileges required for execution of the specified command. According to the standard convention for UNIX-based systems

$ - indicates that the command can be executed with user rights.

# - indicates that the command can be executed with superuser (usually root) privileges. To elevate the privileges, use su or sudo commands.


Placeholders which represent information that must be supplied by the user. For command-line input, it indicates parameter values.

In addition, it may indicate a term in position of a definition.

Capital letters

Names of keys and key sequences.

Plus sign ('+')

Indicates a combination of keys. For example, ALT+F1 means to hold down the ALT key while pressing the F1 key.

A warning about potential errors or any other important comment.