Starting and Shutting Down Graphical Interface

Starting Dr.Web for Linux in graphics Mode

To start Dr.Web for Linux in graphics mode, do one of the following:

Select Dr.Web for Linux item on the Applications Menu.

Right-click the Dr.Web for Linux status indicator icon in the notification area and select Open Dr.Web for Linux.

You can also start Dr.Web for Linux in graphics mode from the command line. You can use this option only if graphical environment is accessible in the command-line mode, for example, when working in a terminal window.

Shutting down Dr.Web for Linux

To shut down Dr.Web for Linux, close the window using the standard close button on the title bar.

Note that service components, including the status indicator, SpIDer Guard, and SpIDer Gate, continue their operation after Dr.Web for Linux graphical interface shuts down (unless they are disabled by the user).

Under normal operation, operation of all necessary service components does not require user intervention.