Connection Settings File

The connection settings file is a special file that stores parameters that configure connection between Dr.Web for Linux and the central protection server.

This file is supplied by the administrator of the Anti-virus network or the Internet service provider (if the latter provides support for the central anti-virus protection service).

You can use this file to activate Dr.Web for Linux when connecting it to the central protection server (in this case, you cannot use Dr.Web for Linux in Standalone mode without purchasing additional license).

Activation via connection to central protection server

If the Internet service provider or network administrator submitted a file with settings of connection to the central protection server, you can activate Dr.Web for Linux by specifying the file path.

To specify a path to the connection settings file

1.Open License Manager and start the registration procedure by clicking the Get new license... button.

2.Select Other activation types.

3.Specify the file path in the displayed box.