Appendix D. Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers Configuration File

Configuration parameters of all the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers components are managed by a special coordinating daemon Dr.Web ConfigD. These parameters are stored in the drweb.ini file, which default directory is <etc_dir> (for GNU/Linux /etc/opt/

The text configuration file stores only those parameters which values differ from the defaults. If a parameter is absent in the configuration file, its default value is used.


For details on conventions for <opt_dir>, <etc_dir>, and <var_dir>, refer to the Introduction.

You can view the list of all available parameters, including those that are absent in the configuration file and have default values, by using the command:

$ drweb-ctl cfshow

You can change any parameter value in one of the two ways:

1.Specify the parameter in the configuration file (by editing the file in any text editor) and send SIGHUP signal to the configuration daemon (the drweb-configd component) in order to apply the changes. Тo do that, you can run the following command:

# drweb-ctl reload

2.Type this command in the command line:

# drweb-ctl cfset <section>.<parameter> <new value>

This command can be executed only if the management tool Dr.Web Ctl is run with superuser privileges. To gain superuser privileges, use su or sudo command.

For further information about the cfshow and cfsetcommand syntax of the command-line management tool Dr.Web Ctl (the drweb-ctl module), refer to the section Dr.Web Ctl.



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