Command-Line Arguments

To run Dr.Web Network Checker, type the following command in the command line:

$ <opt_dir>/bin/drweb-netcheck [<parameters>]

Dr.Web Network Checker can process the following options:




Function: Output short help information about command-line parameters to the console or to the terminal emulator and to exit upon completion.

Short form: -h

Arguments: None.


Function: Output information about the version of this component to the console or to the terminal emulator and to exit after completion.

Short form: -v

Arguments: None.


$ /opt/ --help

This command outputs short help information on Dr.Web Network Checker.

Startup Notes

The component cannot be run directly from the command line of the operating system in an autonomous mode (autonomously from other components). It is run automatically by the configuration daemon Dr.Web ConfigD configuration daemon when required (usually on operating system startup). If, in the component configuration, a value of the FixedSocket parameter is specified and the InternalOnly parameter is set to No, the agent is always running and available for clients via the specified UNIX socket. To start scanning via network, you can use the Dr.Web Ctl command-line tool for Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers management (it is started with the drweb-ctl command). If there are no configured connections to remote hosts, the local scanning will be started.

To scan an arbitrary file or directory using Dr.Web Network Checker you can use netscan command of Dr.Web Ctl tool:

$ drweb-ctl netscan <path to file or directory>

To get documentation about this component of the product from the command line, use the following command: man 1 drweb-netcheck.