Dr.Web SNMPD is an SNMP agent designed to integrate Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers with monitoring systems running the SNMP protocol. This integration allows you to track the status of the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers components, as well as collect statistics on the detection and neutralization of threats. The agent supports providing monitoring systems or any SNMP managers with the following information:

Status of any Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers component.

Number of detected threats of various types (according to the Dr.Web classification).

Moreover, the agent sends SNMP trap notifications upon detection of a threat and upon failures in neutralization of detected threats. The agent supports SNMP protocol of version 2c and 3.

Description of the information which can be sent by the agent is stored in a special section of MIB (Management Information Base) created by Doctor Web. In the MIB section, defined by Dr.Web for UNIX-like operating systems, the following information is specified:

1.Formats of SNMP trap notifications about detection and neutralizing of threats and about errors related to the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers components.

2.Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers operation statistics.

3.Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers component status.

For more details about information that can be obtained over the SNMP protocol, refer to the corresponding section.



Operating Principles

Command-Line Arguments

Configuration Parameters

Integration with SNMP Monitoring Systems