Black and White Lists

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Black and white lists are used for message filtration.

To review and to edit the white and black lists, in the spam filter window click White list or Black list respectively.

To add an address to the white or black list:

1.Click Add.

2.Enter the email address in the corresponding field.

3.Click OK in the Edit list window.

To change an address on the list:

1.Select the address you want to change and click Edit.

2.Make necessary changes to the information.

3.Click OK in the Edit list window.

To remove an address from the list:

1.Select the address from the list.

2.Click Remove.

In the Black and White lists window, click OK to save the changes.

White list

However, if the domain names in the receiver's and sender's addresses are similar, and this domain name is specified in the white list using the (*) character, this message is checked for spam. Details

Black list

If the sender’s address is on the black list, the message will be automatically regarded as spam. Details