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If you want to have access to the websites that are not recommended to visit by Doctor Web, add them to the exclusions. The access to the listed websites will be allowed, but the sites will be still checked for viruses. By default, the list is empty. If you add a website to the white list, users will be able to access it regardless of other SpIDer Gate settings. Please note that if the site is added both to the black list of Parental Control and to the exclusions, access will be blocked.

To configure black and white lists

1.Enter a domain name or a part of a domain name for the website that you want to access regardless of other restrictions. Details

Your input may be unified. Example : the address string will be transformed into

2.Click Add. The address will appear on the list.

3.To add other addresses, repeat steps 1 to 2. To remove an address from the white list, select the corresponding item and click Remove.

Managing listed objects

Click More to access the following options:

Export—allows to save the created list of exclusions to be used on another computer where Dr.Web is installed.

Import—allows to use the list of exclusions created on another computer.

Clear all—allows to remove all objects from the list of exclusions.