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General update settings

Update frequency. Specify the frequency to check for updates. The default value (30 minutes) is optimal to keep information on threats up to date.

Update source. Specify the update source that suits you best by clicking the Edit button.

Doctor Web servers (recommended). This source is selected by default.

Local or network folder—update from local or network folder where updates have been copied. To specify the path to the folder, click Browse and select the required folder, or enter the address manually. Enter the user name and password if necessary.

Anti-Virus Network—updates are to be downloaded from a local network computer if Dr.Web product is installed and update mirror is created on it.

If you want to download updates via a secure protocol, select the Use HTTPS connection check box.

Additional settings

Updating components. You can choose one of the following ways of downloading the update:

All (recommended), when updates are downloaded both for Dr.Web virus databases and anti-virus engine and for other program components of the Dr.Web.

Only virus databases, when only the updates for Dr.Web virus databases and the anti-virus engine are downloaded; other components of Dr.Web are not updated.

Creating update mirror

To allow other local network computers with installed Dr.Web products to use your computer as an update source, open Advanced settings and enable the appropriate option. Click Edit to specify the path to the folder where updates will be copied. If your computer is connected to several subnets, you can specify the IP address available to computers of only one subnet. You can also specify the port for HTTP connections.