Files and Folders

You can manage the list of files and folders to be excluded from system anti-virus scans by the SpIDer Guard and Scanner components. You can exclude Dr.Web quarantine folders, working folders of some programs, temporary files (paging file), and so on. Archived files can also be excluded from scanning.

To configure the list of excluded files and folders

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.In the open window, click Exclusions tile.

3.Click the Files and Folders tile.

Figure 117. Files and folders exclusion list

The list is empty by default. Add particular files and folders to exclusions or use masks to disable scan of a certain group of files. Any added object can be excluded from the scan of both components or from scan of each component separately.

To add files and folders to the exclusion list

1.To add a file or folder to the exclusion list, do one of the following:

To add an existing file or folder, click the Add button. In the open window, click the Browse button to select a file or a folder. You can enter the full path to the file or folder or edit the path in the field before adding it to the list. example;

To exclude a file with a particular name, enter the name and the extension without path example;

To exclude a group of files or folders, enter the mask of their names. More about masks

2.In the window of adding a file or a folder, specify the components that should not scan the selected object.

3.Click OK. The file or folder will appear on the list.

4.To add other files and folders, repeat steps 1–3.

Managing listed objects

The following management elements are available to work with objects in the table:

The Add button—adding an object to the exclusion list.

The Edit button—editing the selected object in the exclusion list.

The Remove button—removing the selected object from the exclusion list.

You can also access these settings by right-clicking the selected object or several selected objects.

Click More to access the following options:

Export—allows you to save the created list of exclusions to be used on another computer where Dr.Web is installed.

Import—allows you to use the list of exclusions created on another computer.

Clear all—allows you to remove all objects from the list of exclusions.