License Registration and Activation

License purchasing, registration and activation

After a license is purchased, updates to product components and virus databases are regularly downloaded from the Doctor Web update servers. If users have issues with installing or using the purchased product, they can contact technical support provided by Doctor Web or its partners.

You can purchase any Doctor Web product, as well as obtain a product serial number either via the online store or from our partners. For details on license types, visit the Doctor Web official website at

License registration is required to prove that you are a legal user of Dr.Web for Kerio Connect and to activate the functions of the anti-virus, including the regular updates of virus databases.

To activate the product, enter the serial number of the purchased license. The serial number is supplied with the product or via email when purchasing or renewing the license online. A purchased license can be activated on the Doctor Web official website at


If you have used the product in the past, you may be eligible for a 150-day extension to your new license. To enable the bonus, enter your registered serial number or provide the license key file.


If you have several licenses for using Dr.Web for Kerio Connect on several servers, but choose to use the product only on one server, you can specify this and, hence, license validity period will be automatically extended.

Subsequent Registration

If a key file is lost but the existing license is not expired, you should register again by providing the personal data you specified during the previous registration. You can use a different email address. In this case, the license key file will be sent to the newly specified address.

The number of times you can request a key file is limited. One serial number can be registered no more than 25 times. If the limit is exceeded, no key file is sent. To receive a lost key file, contact Doctor Web technical support, describe your problem in detail, and state personal data you entered upon serial number registration. The license key file will be sent by email.

After the key file is sent to you by email, you need to install it manually.