Permissions to use Dr.Web for Kerio Connect are granted by the license purchased from the Doctor Web company or from its partners. License parameters determining user rights are set in accordance with the License Agreement (see, which the user accepts during the product installation.

The license contains information on the user and the vendor as well as usage parameters of the purchased product, including:

the list of components licensed to the user;

Dr.Web for Kerio Connect licensed period;

availability of technical support;

other restrictions (for example, number of computers on which you are allowed to use Dr.Web for Kerio Connect).

For evaluation purposes users can also activate demo period. Having fulfilled the activation conditions, users can take advantage of full functionality of Dr.Web for Kerio Connect for the whole demo period.

Each Doctor Web product license has a unique serial number associated with a special file stored on the user computer. This file regulates operation of product components in accordance with the license parameters and is called a license key file. Upon activation of a demo period, a special key file, named a demo key file, is automatically generated.

If a license or a demo period are not activated on the computer, Dr.Web for Kerio Connect components are blocked. Moreover, updates for virus databases and components cannot be downloaded from the Doctor Web update servers.