Installing from Command Line

Once you start the program for the command-line-based installation, a message is be displayed inviting you to install the product.

1.To proceed with Dr.Web for Kerio Connect installation, enter Y or Yes (values are case insensitive), otherwise type N or No. Press ENTER.

2.The License Agreement will open. Click ENTER to scroll the text down line by line or SPACEBAR to scroll it down one screenful at a time. Note that you cannot scroll the License Agreement up. To continue installation, you need to accept the terms of the License Agreement. To do it, enter Y or Yes in the input field and click ENTER. Otherwise, the installation will be aborted.

3.After you accept the terms of the License Agreement, Dr.Web for Kerio Connect installation automatically starts. During the procedure, the information about the installation process, including the list of installed components, is displayed on the screen.

4.If the installation was successful, if the product requires automatic configuration before starting, the interactive product configuration script will automatically start.

If an error occurs, a message describing the error is displayed on the screen and then the installer exits. When the installation process fails due to an error, resolve the problems that caused this error and start the installation again.

After installation, the Dr.Web for Kerio Connect plug-in may be connected with the email server.

Interactive Configuration Program

The interactive configuration program allows you to install the product license key file.

1.If you want to configure the plug-in, enter Y or Yes as the answer to the question “Do you want to continue?”. If you enter N or No, configuration program exits.

2.If a valid key file is not available on your computer (in the product standard directory for keeping the key file), the script offers you to specify the path to a valid key file.
If a valid key file is already available on your computer, specify the path to it and click ENTER. The file will be copied to the product standard directory.

If a valid key file is in the product standard directory, this step is automatically skipped.

To skip this step, enter 0. You can install a key file manually later.

3.After you finish adjusting the settings, click ENTER to exit the configuration program.


If the configuration program has not been executed for some reason, copy the license key file to the /etc/opt/ directory, and then restart the service using the reload command of the Dr.Web Ctl utility.