Program Integration

Dr.Web for Kerio Connect can be connected to the Kerio Connect email server as an external anti-virus software that scans email attachments according to the mail server settings.

To connect Dr.Web for Kerio Connect

1.Open the administration console of the email server.

2.Open the ConfigurationContent FilterAnti-virus section.

3.Select the check box Use external anti-virus program.

4.Select Dr.Web for Kerio Connect in the dropdown menu.

5.Configure the application options.

6.Click Apply.

If the plug-in was connected successfully, the corresponding message appears under the anti-virus software selection option.

If the integration failed and an error is reported, check the error log of the email server. Consult the Kerio Connect email server Administrator manual to solve the problem.

If the computer with Dr.Web for Kerio Connect installed is connected to the Internet via a proxy server, configure the proxy server connection parameters.

For more information on use of anti-virus software with email server and possible connection errors, see the administrator manual for the Kerio Connect email server at the official Kerio website at