Program Installation

This section describes how to install Dr.Web for Kerio Connect. It also contains a description of how to upgrade the version, if the previous version of Dr.Web for Kerio Connect is already installed on your computer.

Before installation, make sure the computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Program Installation

To install Dr.Web for Kerio Connect components

1.If necessary, download the installation file from the Doctor Web official website at

2.Enable SSH access on the email server. For that,

open the Status tab on the admin console of the Kerio Connect email server, pressing and holding SHIFT, then open the System Status section and click Enable SSH;

then select Yes in the popup window.

3.Copy the drweb-kerio-connect_[version]-[build] archive and the license key file of Dr.Web for Kerio Connect on a computer with the installed Kerio Connect email server.

4.Allow the archive to be executed, for example, by using the following command:

# chmod +x <file_name>.run

5.Execute the archive using the following command:

# ./<file_name>.run

At this, an integrity check of the archive is performed. Archived files are then unpacked to a temporary directory and the installation program that uses the command line is automatically started.


If the path to the temporary directory in the file system has not enough free space for the unpacked files, the installation process is aborted and a corresponding message is displayed. In this case, change the value of the TMPDIR system environment variable so that it specifies to a directory with enough free space and repeat the installation. You can now use the --target option to unpack files in the specified directory.

6.Follow the installer instructions.

All unpacked installation files are deleted once the installation process is completed.

Installation program may be launched automatically in the silent mode, that is, without displaying a user interface (including dialogs that are normally displayed in the command-line mode). For this, you need to execute the following command during step 5:

# ./<file_name>.run -- --non-interactive


Note that using this option means that you accept the terms of the Dr.Web License Agreement. You can find the text of the License Agreement in the /var/opt/ file. The file extension indicates the language of the License Agreement. If the LICENSE file does not have any extension, the Dr.Web License Agreement is written in English. If you do not accept the terms of the License Agreement, you must uninstall the product after its installation.