Utility Call Format

The command-line utility that manages Dr.Web for Kerio Connect operation has the following call format:

$ drweb-ctl [<general options> | <command> [<argument>] [<command options>]]

Utility call options:

<general options>—options that can be applied on the start when the command is not specified or can be applied for any command. Not mandatory for the startup.

<command>—command to be performed by Dr.Web for Kerio Connect (for example, start scanning, output the list of quarantined objects, and other commands).

<arguments>—command arguments. The arguments depend on the specified command. Some commands do not have any arguments.

<command options>—options that regulate performing the specified command. The arguments depend on the command. Some commands do not have any options.

The following general options are available:



-h, --help

To display general help information and exit.
To output help information on any command, use the following call:

$ drweb-ctl <command> -h

-v, --version

To display the module version and exit.

-d, --debug

The option instructs to display the debug information upon execution of the specified command. It cannot be executed if no command is specified. Use the following call:

$ drweb-ctl <command> -d


To request help about this utility from the command line, use the following command:

$ man 1 drweb-ctl