Working With the Dr.Web Ctl Utility

You can manage the Dr.Web for Kerio Connect operation from the command line using a special command-line tool—Dr.Web Ctl (drweb-ctl).

You can perform the following actions from the command line:

run the update of virus databases,

view and change parameters of Dr.Web for Kerio Connect configuration,

view component status and statistics on detected threats,

view the quarantine and manage quarantined objects.

User commands for Dr.Web for Kerio Connect management can have an effect only if the Dr.Web for Kerio Connect service components are running (by default, they are automatically run on a system startup).

The Dr.Web Ctl utility supports auto-completion of commands for managing Dr.Web for Kerio Connect operation if the auto-completion option is enabled in the used command shell. If the command shell does not support auto-completion, you can configure the shell. For that, refer to the instruction manual for the used operating system.


When the utility finishes its operation, it returns an exit code according to the conventions for POSIX compatible systems: 0 (zero)—if the operation is completed successfully, non-zero—in case an error occurred.

Note that the utility returns a non-zero exit code only if an internal error has occurred (for example, the utility cannot connect to some component or the requested operation cannot be executed). If the utility detects (and, maybe) neutralizes a threat, it will return the zero exit code, as the requested operation (scan, and so on) is completed successfully.

If you want to learn more about detected threats and actions applied to them, examine messages that the utility displays in the console.