The infected email attachments sent to the server can be moved to the quarantine, a special directory (/var/lib/drweb/quarantine), where malicious objects are securely stored in isolation from the rest of the system.

By default, the option to move the infected objects is enabled. To disable it, set the value No for the anti-virus application option Quarantine enabled. If you disable quarantine, infected attachments will be removed.


If a file moved to the quarantine has the same name as a file that is already in quarantine, a numeral index will be added to the name of a new file. For example, the file file.com will be renamed to file.com_01 and so on.

Managing quarantine

The quarantined files can be reviewed and processed only with root privileges. To remove files from the quarantine or save them on disk, use the quarantine command of the Dr.Web Ctl management utility.