Dr.Web for Kerio Connect registers errors and application events in registration logs of the Kerio Connect email server: the debug log, the error log, and the security log, as well as in the syslog.

Debug Log

The debug log of the Kerio Conect email server contains information that is used for searching and analyzing errors in the Dr.Web for Kerio Connect operation.

To enable the debug logging

1.Open the administration console of the email server.

2.In the Protocols section, select the debug log.

3.Right-click the window of the debug log, and click Messages.

4.Select Anti-virus in the Logging Messages window. Click ОК.

Operation System Log

The following information is logged in the system service syslog:

notifications on the program starts and stops;

license key file parameters including validity, licensed period (information is registered each time the program checks the license or when the license file changes);

parameters of the program components. The information is logged when the program starts or components are updated;

license invalidity notifications if the license key file is missing, some of the program components are not licensed, license is blocked or the license key file is corrupted. The information is logged during the program start and its operation;

license expiration notifications. The information is logged in 30, 15, 7, 3, 2 and 1 days before expiration.

The log messages are usually located in the /var/log/messages file (RedHat, SUSE) or in the /var/log/syslog file (Debian). For more information on the system log, refer to your operating system documentation.