Licensing Parameters

The license key file regulates the use of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute.

To view license details

1.View the license key file. (For instance, open the file with the Notepad text editor.)



The license key file is secured with digital signature. Do not edit or otherwise modify the file to prevent the license from compromise.


2.Review the following licensing parameters (see Table 2).

Table 2. Licensing Parameters



[Key] | Applications

Determines the application components licensed with the key.


To use the key with Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute the component KerioPlugin should be in the list determined by this parameter.

[Key] | Expires

Determines the license expiration date.

[User] | Name

Determines the license owner.

[User] | Computers

Determines the number of users which the plug-in is licensed to protect simultaneously.

[Settings] | MailServer

Determines if the license can be used on mail servers.

3.Close the file without saving.