Scanning Engine Settings

On this page you can manage parameters which are used by Scanning Engine auxiliary component on the protected station.

The following parameters are available:

Path to the socket file of the fixed copy of the component—path to the special UNIX socket that is used by separate Scanning Engine instance. This instance is running permanently, if the socket is specified, and can be used by external programs for file scan via this socket. If the path is empty, the separated Scanning Engine instance is not running and is not available for external programs. The standard Scanning Engine instance running and terminating automatically, when it necessary for file scanning.

Number of scanning processes—defines the maximum allowed number of child scanning processes that can be running by Scanning Engine during the scanning of files. If you want to change this value, evaluate the number of CPU cores available on the station.

Watchdog timer—defines the duration of a time period which is used by Scanning Engine for automatic detection and termination termination the suspended scanning processes ("watchdog" timer).

Log level—defines the log verbosity level that is used for Scanning Engine messages logging.

Logging method—defines the logging method for Scanning Engine. The following values are allowed:

Auto—use the logging method which is defined in Dr.Web ConfigD settings for all components of the solution.

Syslog—use the syslog system service for Scanning Engine messages logging. If you specify this method, you must also specify the value of Syslog facility parameter. It defines the label (or subsystem) which is used by syslog to save messages from Scanning Engine.

Path—use the specified file to store Scanning Engine log messages. If you specify this method, you must also specify a path to the file in the Log file field.


Usually, for the parameters of this component the optimal values are specified. Thus, it is not recommended to change them, if it is not necessary.