File Checker Settings

On this page you can manage parameters which are used by File Checker auxiliary component on the protected station.

The following parameters are available:

Maximum checked file cache size—defines size of the cache that is used by File Checker for temporarily storing the results of files scan.

Cache validity period—defines the duration of a time period when File Checker does not rescan the file, if its scan result is available in the cache.

Log level—defines the log verbosity level that is used for File Checker messages logging.

Logging method—defines the logging method for File Checker. The following values are allowed:

Auto—use the logging method which is defined in Dr.Web ConfigD settings for all components of the solution.

Syslog—use the syslog system service for File Checker messages logging. If you specify this method, you must also specify the value of Syslog facility parameter. It defines the label (or subsystem) which is used by syslog to save messages from File Checker.

Path—use the specified file to store File Checker log messages. If you specify this method, you must also specify a path to the file in the Log file field.

Also, you can choose which additional data will be saved to the log on the Debug verbosity level.

IPC subsystem—save IPC messages on component interaction

File scanning—save file scan results

SpIDer Guard file monitoring—save SpIDer Guard scan requests

Checked file cache status—save the cache state changes.


Usually, for the parameters of this component the optimal values are specified. Thus, it is not recommended to change them, if it is not necessary.