On this page you can specify settings for any of the Dr.Web for UNIX File Servers components installed on the station (an .ini configuration file format is used).

To specify settings, make the corresponding changes in the Configuration file drweb.ini field (ini editor).

Please note that:

The ini editor shows only the configuration parameters having the values that have been changed on this page.

Values of the configuration parameters that specified in the editor take precedence over values specified by the component setting pages: if on a settings page is one value of some parameter is specified and the other value for this parameter is specified in the ini editor on the Configuration page, the value that is specified on the Configuration page, will be used on the station. Moreover, if a section of some component is specified in the ini editor, for all parameters of the component that are not defined in the section, the default values are applied on the station.

The context hints are supported by the ini editor: to show hint containing list of available parameters (or configuration section names, depending on the context), press ctrl+space.

You can export contents of the ini editor to .ini configuration file and import the contents from .ini configuration file. To do that click the corresponding icon at the top part of the page (above the ini editor).



For a complete list of components on the station that are available for configuration, and for a description of their parameters in the drweb.ini configuration file, refer to User manual or Administrator manual of the product installed on the station.