About This Manual

This manual is a part of documentation package of an anti-virus network administrator and intends to provide detailed information on managing the complex anti-virus protection of corporate computers and mobile devices using Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite.

The manual is for the anti-virus network administrator—an employee who is responsible for the anti-virus protection of workstations and network servers.

The manual contains the information about centralized configuration of anti-virus software on workstations performed by the anti-virus network administrator via Dr.Web Security Control Center. The manual describes the settings of the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers anti-virus solution and features of the centralized management of this software.

To get additional information, please refer to the following manuals:

The Administrator Manual of the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers anti-virus solution contains information about configuring the anti-virus software directly on a station.

The Administrator Documentation of the anti-virus network protected by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite (includes the Administrator Manual, Installation Manual and Appendices) contains general information on installing and configuring the anti-virus network and, particularly, on using Dr.Web Security Control Center.

Before reading these documents make sure that you have the latest version of the manuals. The manuals are constantly updated and the actual version can always be found at the official website of Doctor Web.