About the Manual

Documentation for the administrator of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus network is intended to introduce general features of the software suite and provide detailed information on delivering comprehensive anti-virus protection for company computers using Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite.

Documentation for the anti-virus network administrator contains the following parts:

1.Installation Manual

The Installation Manual will be useful to a company manager who makes a decision to purchase and install a comprehensive anti-virus protection system.

Installation Manual explains how to build an anti-virus network and install its main components.

2.Administrator Manual

The Administrator Manual is meant for the anti-virus network administrator, i. e., an employee of the company who is responsible for anti-virus protection of computers (workstations and servers) of this network.

The anti-virus network administrator should either have system administrator privileges or work closely with a local network administrator, be competent in anti-virus protection strategy, and have an in-depth knowledge of Dr.Web anti-virus packages for all operating systems that are used on the network.


The Appendices provide technical information describing configuration parameters for the anti-virus components and the syntax and values of instructions used to work with these modules.

In addition, the following manuals are provided:

1.Anti-virus Network Quick Installation Guide

It provides brief information on the installation and initial configuration of anti-virus network components. For detailed information refer to the administrator documentation.

2.Station management manuals

They provide information about centralized configuration of anti-virus software on workstations, performed by the anti-virus network administrator using the Dr.Web Security Control Center.

3.User Manuals

They provide information on how to configure Dr.Web anti-virus software directly on protected stations.

4.Web API Manual

It provides technical details on the integration of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite with third-party software via Web API.

5.Dr.Web Server Database Structure Manual

It describes the internal structure of the Dr.Web Server database and provides examples of its use.

All the listed manuals are also provided as part of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and can be accessed via Dr.Web Security Control Center.

Before reading these documents, make sure you have the latest version of the corresponding manuals for your product version. The manuals are continuously updated and the latest version can always be found on the official website of Doctor Web at https://download.drweb.com/doc/.