Working with Dr.Web for Linux

You can work with Dr.Web for Linux

Via the graphical interface (in graphic desktop environment)

From the command line of the operating system, including terminal emulators for graphics mode

To start Dr.Web for Linux in graphics mode, select the Dr.Web for Linux item in the application menu or enter the following command in the operating system command line

$ drweb-gui

In this case, if the desktop environment is available, Dr.Web for Linux is started in graphics mode.

For details on managing the Dr.Web for Linux operation, refer to the Operation from the command line section.

Under normal operation of Dr.Web for Linux, the status indicator appears in the notification area (if desktop environment is available) and provides access to the application menu or displays pop-up notifications. The indicator, as well as all other service components, starts automatically and its operation does not require user intervention.

Regardless of the selected way to install Dr.Web for Linux, after the installation completes, you need either to activate the license, or install the key file if already obtained, or connect Dr.Web for Linux to the central protection server (see Licensing).

Until you do that, anti-virus protection is disabled.