Threat Detection and Neutralization

Search and neutralization of threats can be started either by Scanner on user demand, or as scheduled, or by SpIDer Guard.

To enable or disable SpIDer Guard and SpIDer Gate, use the context menu in the notification area or open the corresponding page with the monitor settings (refer to the Monitoring File System and Monitoring Internet Access sections).

To view current tasks of Scanner or manage them, open the page for task management.

To view threats detected by Scanner or during SpIDer Guard checks, open the page with listed threats.

To manage quarantined threats, open the Quarantine view page.

To configure Dr.Web for Linux reaction on detected threats, open the Settings window. On this window, you can also set schedule to start scanning.

Please note that in case if the Dr.Web for Linux is operating in Central protection mode and launching of scanning by user demand is prohibited on central protection server, the Scan page of the Dr.Web for Linux window will be disabled. Moreover, in this case the Scanner will not launch scannings even if they are scheduled.