Configuration Parameters

The component uses configuration parameters which can be found in the [ESAgent] section of the integrated configuration file of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers.

The section contains the following parameters:




{logging level}

Logging level of the component.

If the parameter value is not specified, the DefaultLogLevel parameter value from the [Root] section is used.

Default value: Notice


{log type}

Logging method of the component.

Default value: Auto


{path to file}

Executable path to the component.

Default value: <opt_dir>/bin/drweb-esagent.

For GNU/Linux: /opt/

For FreeBSD: /usr/local/libexec/



Write IPC messages to the debug log LogLevel = DEBUG) (interaction of Dr.Web ES Agent and the Dr.Web ConfigD configuration daemon).

Default value: No


{On | Off | Auto}

Enable/disable the mobile mode when connected to a centralized protection server.

Allowed values:

On— use the mobile mode if it is allowed by the centralized protection server (that is, perform updates from update servers of Doctor Web via Dr.Web Updater);

Off—do not use the mobile mode and continue operation in the centralized protection mode (updates are always received from the centralized protection server);

Auto—use the mobile mode, if allowed by the centralized protection server, and perform updates both from update servers of Doctor Web via Dr.Web Updater and from the centralized protection server, depending on which connection is available and which connection quality is higher.

Note that behavior of this parameter depends on server permissions: if the mobile mode is not allowed on the server in use, this parameter has no effect.

Default value: Auto


{On | Off}

Enable/disable for the agent receiving discovery requests from the network inspector built in the centralized protection server (discovery requests are used by the inspector to check the structure and state of the anti-virus network).

Allowed values:

On—enable receiving and processing discovery requests;

Off—disable receiving and processing discovery requests.

Note that this parameter has higher priority than settings of the centralized protection server: if the parameter value is set to Off, the agent does not receive discovery requests even if this option is enabled on the server.

Default value: On


{platform name}

Enable/disable for the agent receiving updates for the scan engine from the centralized protection server. The scan engine was developed for the indicated platform, where the platform name is a string, which contains the platform name.

Allowed values:

for GNU/Linux: unix-linux-32, unix-linux-64, unix-linux-mips;

for FreeBSD: unix-freebsd-32, unix-freebsd-64;

for Darwin: unix-darwin-32, unix-darwin-64

It is strongly recommended to change the parameter value only if you are sure it is required.

Default value: Depends on the platform currently being used



The storage period after which the messages from the centralized protection server are removed automatically.

Allowed values: from 1 week (1w) to 365 days (365d).
The storage period is specified as an integer with a suffix (s, m, h, d, w).

Default value: 1w