Operating Principles

Dr.Web HTTPD is a web server for managing the operation of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers. With Dr.Web HTTPD, it is possible not to use external web servers (for example, Apache HTTP Server or Nginx) and management services like Webmin. Moreover, the component can function simultaneously with such servers and services on the same host without impeding their operation.

The Dr.Web HTTPD server processes requests received via HTTP and HTTPS protocols to the sockets specified in the settings. For this reason, the server does not have any conflicts with web servers when they operate on the same host. The secure HTTPS protocol is used for managing Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers.

It is not mandatory to install Dr.Web management web interface for the proper functioning of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers. It can be missing. This is why the corresponding block is circled with a dashed line.

The Dr.Web HTTPD component issues commands to the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers Dr.Web ConfigD configuration daemon, as well as to the Dr.Web File Checker component for file scanning, and to other components. These commands are based on those that were received through the provided HTTP API.

If the management web interface of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers, which uses Dr.Web HTTPD, is included in Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers, it is described in the corresponding section.

If the Dr.Web’s management web interface is not included in Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers, you can connect any external management interface that uses the HTTP API by Dr.Web HTTPD for interaction (described in the section Description of the HTTP API).