Configuration Parameters

The component uses configuration parameters which are specified in the [MailQuarantine] section of the unified configuration file of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers.

The section contains the following parameters:




{logging level}

Logging level of the component.

If the parameter value is not specified, the DefaultLogLevel parameter value from the [Root] section is used.

Default value: Notice


{log type}

Logging method of the component.

Default value: Auto


{path to file}

Executable path to the component.

Default value: <opt_dir>/bin/drweb-mail-quarantine.

For GNU/Linux: /opt/

For FreeBSD: /usr/local/libexec/


{UID | user name}

The parameter determines under which user name the component should be run. The user name can be specified either as the user’s number UID or as the user’s login. If the user name consists of numbers (i.e. similar to number UID), it is specified with the “name:” prefix, for example: RunAsUser = name:123456.

When a user name is not specified, the component operation terminates with an error after the startup.

Default value: drweb


{time interval}

Maximum time that the component can remain idle. If the specified value is exceeded, the component shuts down.

Acceptable values: from 10 seconds (10s) to 30 days (30d) inclusive.
If the None value is set, the component will function indefinitely; the SIGTERM signal will not be sent if the component goes idle.

Default value: 30s


{path to directory}

Local file system directory used to store email messages and metadata.

Default value: <var_dir>/

For GNU/Linux: /var/opt/

For FreeBSD: /var/