Configuration Parameters

The component uses configuration parameters which can be found in the [ScanEngine] section of the integrated configuration file of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers.

This section stores the following parameters:




{logging level}

Logging level of the component.

If the parameter value is not specified, the DefaultLogLevel parameter value from the [Root] section is used.

Default value: Notice


{log type}

Logging method of the component.

Default value: Auto


{path to file}

Executable path to the component.

Default value: <opt_dir>/bin/drweb-se.

For GNU/Linux: /opt/

For FreeBSD: /usr/local/libexec/


{path to file}

Path to the UNIX socket of the fixed instance of the Dr.Web Scanning Engine scan engine.

If this parameter is specified, the Dr.Web ConfigD configuration daemon checks that there is always a running component copy of the scan engine that is available to the clients via this socket.

Default value: (not set)


{time interval}

Maximum idle time for the component. When the specified period of time expires, the component shuts down.

If the FixedSocketPath parameter is set, this setting is ignored (the component does not finish its operation after the time interval expires).

Acceptable values: from 10 seconds (10s) to 30 days (30d) inclusive.
If the None value is set, the component will functionate eternally; the SIGTERM signal will not be sent if the components goes idle.

Default value: 1h



Maximum allowed number of child processes run by Dr.Web Scanning Engine, which can be run simultaneously.

Default value: Automatically determined as twice the number of available CPU cores; or 4, if the resulting number is less than 4.


{On | Off}

Use buffered input/output (I/O) when scanning files.

Using buffered I/O in the FreeBSD and GNU/Linux OSes can increase scanning speed of the files on slow disks.

Default value: Off


{time interval}

Rate at which Dr.Web Scanning Engine checks whether child processes are operable in order to detect processes that stopped responding (“watchdog”).

Default value: 1.5s