Database Update without Internet Connection

In highly secure environments where internet connection is blocked or limited, it is possible to update virus bases offline. You need to download updates to a computer connected to the internet, copy them to a USB drive or local network share and then install them to another computer (which is not connected to the internet). The update procedure has to be run from the command line.

To get the updates

1.Run the command on a computer connected to the internet:

$ drweb-ctl update --Path <a path to a directory to store updates>

2.Copy the downloaded updates to a USB drive or local network share.

3.Mount the local network share or removable drive on the computer to be updated. If the updates are from the USB drive, run the commands:

# mkdir /mnt/usb
# mount <a path to the device> /mnt/usb

4.Apply the updates with the command:

$ drweb-ctl update --From /mnt/usb