Updating Packages and Components

After installation of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers using any method described in the corresponding section, the package manager automatically connects to the Dr.Web package repository:

If installation was performed from the universal package (file .run), and the system uses DEB packages (for example, such operating systems as Debian, Mint, Ubuntu), there is no package manager in an operating system (FreeBSD), for operation with Dr.Web packages, an individual version of package managers zypper is used. It is automatically installed during the Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers installation.

To get and install the updated Dr.Web packages with this manager, go to the <opt_dir>/bin directory (for GNU/Linux—/opt/drweb.com/bin), and execute the commands:

# ./zypper refresh
# ./zypper update

In the FreeBSD OS 11.x for amd64 a repository update error may occur upon using the zypper manager for updates. In this case, install the compat10x-amd64 support package and try again.

To install the package, use the command:

# pkg install compat10x-amd64

In all other cases use commands for updating of the package manager used in your OS, for example:

for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS, use the command yum,

for Fedora, use the command yum or dnf,

for SUSE Linux, use the command zypper,

for Mageia, OpenMandriva Lx, use the command urpmi,

for Alt Linux, PCLinuxOS, Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, use the command apt-get.

You can also use alternate package managers developed for your operating system. If necessary, refer to the instruction manual for the package manager you use.

If a new version of Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers is released, packages with its components are put into the section of the Dr.Web repository corresponding to the new version. In this case, an update requires switching of the package manager to a new Dr.Web repository section (refer to Upgrading to a New Product Version).