Debug Text Log

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The following information is registered in the debug log:

License validity status;

Information on threat detection;

Read/write errors or errors occurred while scanning archives or password-protected files;

Parameters of program modules: scanner, engine, virus databases;

Core failures;

License expiration notifications (a message is registered in 30, 15, 7, 3, 2, and 1 days before expiration).

Configure logging

1.On the Dr.Web Anti-virus tab, click Log. The window with logging settings opens.

2.To set the maximum detailing for the logging, select the Detailed logging check box. By default, logging is set to regular mode.


The maximum detailing for the logging decreases server performance; therefore, it is recommended to enable detailed logging only in case an error in operation of Dr.Web for Microsoft Outlook occurs.

3.Click OK to save changes.


The Log window is available only for users with administrative privileges.

For Windows Vista and later operating systems, after clickingLog:

If UAC is enabled: administrator is requested to confirm program actions; user without administrative privileges is requested to enter system administrator credentials.

If UAC is disabled: administrator can change program settings; user does not have the permission to change program settings.

View program log

To open the text log, click Show in folder. The folder with the log opens.