Event Log

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The following information is registered in the Windows Event Log:

Program starts and stops;

Key file parameters: license validation, license expiration date (information is logged on program startup, while the program is running, and when the key file is changed);

Parameters of program modules: scanner, engine, virus databases (information is logged on program startup and module update);

License errors: the key file is absent, permission for program module usage is absent in the key file, the license is blocked, the key file is corrupted (information is logged on program startup and while the program is running);

Information on threat detection;

License expiration notifications (a message is registered in 30, 15, 7, 3, 2, and 1 days before expiration).

To view Windows Event Log

1.Open Control Panel of the operating system.

2.Select Administrative Tools Event Viewer.

3.In the tree view, select Application. The list of events, registered in the log file by user applications, opens. The source of Dr.Web for Microsoft Outlook messages is the Dr.Web for Microsoft Outlook application.