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In this window, you can configure lists of senders whose messages are delivered or blocked by SpIDer Mail automatically (that is, without analyzing their contents).

If you add an address to the white list, messages from the sender will be always delivered to recipients. If you add an address to the black list, all messages from the sender will be regarded as spam automatically (that is, without scanning). By default, both lists are empty.

To configure anti-spam lists

1.Enter an address or a mask for addresses of senders whose email messages you want to process automatically without analysis. Details

2.To add the entered address to the list, click Add.

3.To add other addresses, repeat steps 1 to 2. To remove an address from the list, select the corresponding item and click Remove.

Managing listed objects

Click More to access the following options:

Export—allows to save the created list of exclusions to be used on another computer where Dr.Web is installed.

Import—allows to use the list of exclusions created on another computer.

Clear all—allows to remove all objects from the list of exclusions.