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You can specify a list of programs and processes to be excluded from scanning by SpIDer Guard, SpIDer Gate, and SpIDer Mail.

By default, the list is empty.

To configure list of exclusions

1.To add a program or a process to the exclusion list, click Add. Do one of the following:

In the open window, click Browse and select an application in the standard dialog window. You can enter the full path to the application in the field manually.example;

To exclude an application from scanning, enter its name in the field. The full path to the application is not required (for example, example);

To exclude applications, enter the mask of their names. Details;

You can exclude an application from scanning by the name of a variable if the name and a value of this variable are specified in the system variable settings.example.

2.In the configuration window, specify the components that must not scan this application. For objects excluded from scanning by SpIDer Gate and SpIDer Mail, specify additional parameters.


3.Click OK. The selected application will appear on the list.

4.If necessary, repeat the procedure to add other programs.

5.To edit an existing exclusion, select the corresponding item from the list and click Edit.

6.To remove an application from the list, select the corresponding item and click Remove.

Managing listed objects

Click More to access the following options:

Export—allows to save the created list of exclusions to be used on another computer where Dr.Web is installed.

Import—allows to use the list of exclusions created on another computer.

Clear all—allows to remove all objects from the list of exclusions.